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What We Do

Starlight is the new way to design, finance, and install electric vehicle charging systems.

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Old Way
With Starlight

Research EVSE Brands and Specs

Calculate ROI

Negotiate Pricing / Obtain Financing

Research Local Incentives

Hire Accountant for Tax Credit

Hire a PE for capacity analysis

Get Quote from 3 installers

Compare CSMS software

Upgrade electrical panel

Obtain permits

Monitor Chargers for Problems


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πŸ™οΈ multifamily
🏦 office
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πŸ›Œ hotel

73% of EV drivers are likely to exclude buildings without charging from their search.

Learn how Starlight structures charging as a $0 down, revenue-generating amenity for your property.

New Starlight Is Now Available In 34 States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Chargers installed for $0 down.

There is no longer any reason to say no. Starlight offers three different turnkey ways to install EV chargers at your property.


You Pay, You Own

Lease to Own

Starlight Pays, Starlight Owns