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We exist to deliver charging experiences that evoke smiles.

How it Started

Andrew, Starlight's founder, kept facing frustration trying to charge his car: In his apartment building there were never enough chargers available, and what's more, he had to often move his car in the middle of the night so that others could charge. It came to a head when traveling at night in the freezing cold, a charger required him to scan a barely visible QR code sticker, download yet another app, create an account, type in all his payment details, and after all that the charger did not even work.

As an early Tesla engineer, Andrew knew he could build a better experience. Starlight Charging was born to make and install chargers that are super low cost, extremely reliable, and simple to use.

Where We Are Going

There are multiple stakeholders involved in every single charger installation, and our mission is to make each of them a little happier.

  • For the property owner and manager, we want to make it easy to install chargers, and to make it easy to manage them.
  • For the electrician, our Station x30 is designed to be easy and quick to install, and to require little to no maintenance.
  • For the driver, Starlight has studied the user experience of existing chargers thoroughly. Too often, chargers are offline, make you download a lousy app, or do not readily accept Tap-to-Pay. We think this friction needs to be a thing of the past.
  • For the citizen of the world, breathe easier knowing that we are working as fast as possible to curtail emissions through advanced VPPs and widespread adoption of green charging.

Who is With Us

Starlight is a top-notch team based in Austin, TX. We work with the finest and most professional craftsmen and electricians. We have a deep sense of pride in the work we do.

Backed by leading investors and notable angels in Silicon Valley, Starlight is here for the long haul.

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