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Starlight Starport 1.0 Removable Cable EV Charger

Starport 1.0

Thoughtfully Designed for


Starport 1.0's patent-pending design rethinks charging to minimize installation costs while maximizing durability and longevity.

Starlight Starport Removable EV Charger Cable

Future (and Water) Proof

An intelligent, removable cable.

Starport 1.0 is designed to last for many years. We analyzed failure cases of charging stations and noticed that over 30% of stations were offline due to cable damage or vandalism. Starport 1.0 can cut down maintenance costs by almost 2x.


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Payment Built In

For drivers that use Starlight Starport 1.0 as their primary station.

Starlight's bridge implementation of ISO-15118 works with Plug & Charge even when vehicles don't support it. The personal Starport cable is the secure payment identifier.

Less Copper, More Savings

Deploy 10x as many chargers, and give residents the ability to plug-in anywhere.

Starport 1.0 is designed to be deployed ground-mounted or wall-mounted. Ground-mounted stations unlock more charging opportunities.

Two Configurations

Cable Built In & Removable

Starlight's Starport 1.0 is offered in two cable configurations. Removable and Built In. We recommend offering residents at least two built-in stations. Resident-owned removable cables can be replaced at any time.

Chargers Everywhere!

No more fighting over spaces.

Starport 1.0 is modular and ideal for use cases where dwell times are long. Due to its low price point and removable cable, Starport 1.0 is designed to be daisy-chained so that drivers can park anywhere and still charge their car. Say goodbye to "EV Charging Only" dedicated spaces.

Plug and Charge

Yet another app? No thank you.

Starport 1.0 is compliant with ISO 15118 and supports Plug and Charge, for seamless payment without needing an app. Drivers can register their payment once, and Starport 1.0 will securely and seamlessly bill them for energy delivered.


Upfront Pricing that's clear and fair.

Pay Upfront
Pay Monthly

Removable Cable

For most spots in the garage where residents can bring their own cable.




  • Pay via "Tap to Pay", Plug & Charge.
  • OCPP 2.0.1 Compatible
  • 2A - 30A Dynamic Current
  • 200-240V Input Voltage
  • Remote Firmware Updates via CSMS
  • IP66 Water and Dust Resistance
  • Two-year limited warranty

Built-in Cable

For a few spots where guests might park, such as near the leasing office.



Same as Removable, but:

  • Includes one non-removable Tesla (NACS) connector cable.
  • Useful in situations where drivers do not have a cable.
  • Enforce time limits remotely
  • Free or Paid charging
  • Please Inquire for J1772 options

Volume Discounts

Purchasing 150 or more Starport 1.0 chargers? Let's talk.